Here are some cool finish options. How about a translucent black finish....after all you still want them to know they are wood!

See this pugs with fenders at Geoffs Bike and Ski in Iowa City,  Iowa!

Glossy enough to see your reflection.....don't you look good!
Just a note to the installer...make sure that 2 stand-offs are used on the front and rear struts.  Not a single like in the picture above.

Look at the clean and stylish hardware....solid as a rock!

Remember 2 stand-offs on the front and rear struts.

Wrap these fenders as much or as little as you want......wrap is your choice.

Looks black from a distance but get close and the wood magically appears.    Mount the front and rear  fenders with 2 stand-offs on the struts for that rock solid mount.  Don't want that install to be floppy!

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