Tint to contrast...looks cool!

Take a look at hoop location....position high or low.  Need to watch pedal position relative to the stand off position.

Hard to see from this picture but this fender has 2-dark blue vertical pvc inlays and 1-dark blue horizontal and 1-walnut horizontal inlay alternated with maple.

Mud flaps have a follow through pattern to blend with the fenders to give you that extra protection from all of that road contamination.  Nasty!  Now you only have to worry about the riders in front of you.

Supper clean looking ride which will keep you clean as well.

What to do when your son wants a set....make him build his own? Are you kidding....he doesn't want anything to do with it. Intimidated you think?

These are maple fender base with blue pvc inlays on the top and the side also walnut inlays that can only be seen from the side.  

Inlaid the flaps with the same blue colored blue pvc to carry through the entire length of the fender.

Finish can be tinted most colors although I'm not really into trying to match bike frame colors.  Way too many variations and options available. Maybe an accent color instead?  No worries....wood can be seen through the tinted glossy finish.  Length is whatever you want......nothing standard here! 

What's turns you on......Matte or Glossy?

Matte fender wet sanded and Glossy fender wet sanded and buffed back to gloss.

Both Matte and Gloss are translucent enough to view the grain below.