Here you go...the newest, widest, bestest fully shaped wooden fender in all the land! And I mean all!!

WOW!!! Can you believe this is even possible?

 Delivered these 130mm solid Maple fenders trimmed in alder with relief cut for the front derailer.  The relief is the same for the Surly Pugsley and Moonlander.  These are the widest fully shaped wooden fenders you can find anywhere.  Even though they are pretty, they are the most durable fender you can purchase.  Just wash them off and go!  Be the envy of your fat bike group!

Want to keep that front problem! Whether it's the Surly Pugsley or Moonlander or the space shuttle, we can fit to whatever you want! Let me build you a set of wide wooden fenders for your favorite fat bike!!

Here we have an all Maple 130mm fender with the edges trimmed with alder for a Surly Moonlander which is headed to Cedar Falls to Bike Tech.  Notice the relief cut for the front derailer!

Should be enough room......I guess we will find out!

On there way to the finish room for a fresh coat of beautiful!  Can't wait to see them mounted!

Just about big enough for maybe skis or maybe even a........canoe?