35mm, 45mm, 65mm Fender widths.

As you can see in the install procedure we have a 45mm fender being mounted to a LHT.  Here we've installed MK Fenders on my BD.

We did use two hoops in the rear because the brake bridge is so close to the bottom bracket attachment area and wanted to split the difference.  These are 65mm width and fit great with a 26" wheel with a 2.2 in. tire.  The fenders are curved and shaped like a fender should be with just a little flat section to accommodate the wider tire.

Here's a set of 45mm, 26" on the Team Skin bike...and yes this the bike with the radio that you can hear comming for about a mile.  Notice how the standoff helped with the rack attachment and also the custom attachment in the BB area.

Remember every install is a custom install.

And finally these are 35mm walnut beauties installed on one of our favorite tandems...

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